Become a provider

Children’s Services Council offers opportunities for nonprofits and other local organizations to participate in our Early Childhood System of Care. Requirements for participation depend on the type of service an organization provides to the community.

To access guidelines and resources available to all CSC providers, please click here.

For Afterschool Providers

Afterschool providers are invited to learn more about CSC’s Quality Improvement System, which is administered by Prime Time Palm Beach County. This voluntary program is available to afterschool providers that want to implement proven youth development strategies to enhance children’s learning by creating a fun, engaging, safe and supportive atmosphere. 

Five Standards

The system employs five quality standards for afterschool programs:

  • Solid organizational framework
  • Supportive ongoing relationship
  • Positive and inclusive environment
  • Challenging learning experiences
  • Family outreach and involvement

The Benefits of QIS

Programs that participate receive the following benefits, free of charge:

  • Coaching and technical assistance
  • Access to fun and informative trainings by Prime Time's Professional Development department
  • Access to a broad network of professionals providing programming at your site
  • Educational scholarships and wage supplements for staff
  • Other financial incentives

Easy Participation

  • Complete a QIS Interest Form by clicking here (NEED LINK).
  • Attend an introductory QIS Kickoff meeting
  • Meet with your personally assigned Quality Advisor
  • Set goals for improvement upon assessment results
  • Attend trainings as needed and desired
  • Access other supports and services
  • Participate in re-assessment annually

Have Questions? Call 561-732-8066 or visit

For Healthy Beginnings & Other Providers

CSC selects funded providers through a competitive bid process, as needs are identified in the community. Once selected, an agency’s staff may be required to take trainings or attend workshops to meet contract specifications. Those requirements depend on the type of service a particular agency offers the community. 

Healthy Beginnings offers individual services to children and their families. Currently, more than 30 programs serve thousands of families by providing a range of services – from supports for pregnant women to parenting programs for families with teens. 

Other Providers

For providers that are not part of the Healthy Beginnings system, please refer to your contract or contact your program officer to determine any necessary requirements.