Children’s Services Council of Palm Beach County works with national, state and local experts to make professional development available and affordable for Palm Beach County’s health and human service professionals. Through varied opportunities such as Cultural Humility, Introduction to Mindfulness, Creative and Critical Thinking, Excel and Touchpoints™, the council strives to give professionals the knowledge and skills they need to do their jobs efficiently and effectively.

What We Offer

In determining which professional development opportunities to offer, the council turns to our funded providers. Learning plans are submitted and analyzed on an annual basis to help inform what we will offer and how often. This learner-centric approach ensures that people doing the work get the knowledge and skills they feel they need to do it well.


How We Support Transfer of Learning

How often do you attend a quality training event, excited to apply what you learned, but over time and with lack of support, you quickly lose the skills gained? We offer planned, sequenced, integrated and competency-based courses that extend beyond a workshop. Following best practices in training and development, we use reflective practice sessions facilitated by subject matter experts, where peers discuss their successes and challenges in implementing what they learn. This tool for on-going learning keeps the training alive long after its completion and leads to transforming knowledge into performance that can be evaluated and measured over time.

Training Exemptions

Participants may be exempt from taking certain trainings required by Children’s Services Council. Exemptions will be determined by CSC Provider Professional Development  based upon submission of the exemption form and the required documentation.