How We Fund

Children's Services Council of Palm Beach County (CSC) operates on an October 1 to September 30 fiscal year. Funding is based on research and data indicating where and what needs exist for children and families in the county. CSC’s governing board also plays an important role in this process.

Funding, in the form of contracts for services for children and families, is awarded on a competitive basis (through Requests for Proposals, Requests for Qualifications or Invitations to Negotiate, for example) and can be for multiple years, based on performance. CSC closely monitors programs for performance and measurable results based on best practices.

CSC does not accept unsolicited proposals, or requests for grants or funding. We open a competitive process for vendors or programmatic services as the need arises, not on a regular cycle. As a county taxpayer-funded entity, we do not fund programs outside of Palm Beach County. 

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