The challenges of being pregnant now

Pregnant women are facing more challenges than ever during the COVID-19 crisis. They aren’t only worried about the health of their unborn child, they are worried about the health of everyone around them. 

For the last decade, Martha Espinosa has been a calming presence for local pregnant women in her role as a prenatal care coordinator at Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies of Palm Beach County. 

She described what her clients are going through and how she has adapted to meet their needs: 

“There’s been a lot of challenges, especially issues with the Internet — trying to connect with clients. A lot of my clients don’t know much about technology, but little by little it’s been easier. We’ve been connecting through WhatsApp.”  

“They are scared to go out. They are having a tough time with their other children. It’s crazy to have all the kids all the time. A lot of them have husbands and partners who are working landscaping or construction jobs. Some have husbands who aren’t working and they don’t have money for rent or to pay for food. I’ve been giving out information on food pantries and how you could get some assistance from the county to pay rent and electricity.” 

“I’ve had three clients test positive (for COVID-19).” 

“One of those clients was in labor when they tested her. She didn’t have any symptoms. She was fine delivering her baby and then they put her in isolation at the hospital, She called me because she was so lonely and couldn’t talk to anyone because she didn’t speak English… She was feeling so bad — rejected and lonely. Nobody could see her, not even her husband.” 

“And when she was released from the hospital, she couldn’t see the baby for 14 days. She was in isolation in her home. I was talking to her every day. She and the baby are fine now. She’s so happy she can hold her baby, but it was a terrible, terrible experience.” 

“If (clients) have any questions or need someone to talk to, they know they can call me.” 

Espinosa recently received a note from the client. 

“Thank you for all of the help I received from all of you,” wrote the client. “God bless you and give you patience and good health to continue with your work. Thank you, Ms. Martha.” 


About Healthy, Safe, Strong Stories

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