Council rolls back tax rate for 2023-24 fiscal year

The governing board of Children’s Services Council of Palm Beach County on Thursday approved a 2023-2024 millage rate of .4908 – a nearly 11 percent decrease from last year. This is the third consecutive year the council has reduced the millage to the rolled-back rate. 
The Council’s revenue remains the same despite the reduction in the rate, allowing it to continue to meet the needs of Palm Beach County families. 

In the upcoming fiscal year, which begins Oct. 1, the Council will continue funding programs that support its mission, so the community’s children are born healthy, living in safe and nurturing families, and ready for school. This upcoming year, the Council also will focus on expanding services for children with special needs and/or developmental concerns, as well as expanding youth development programs. In addition, in response to a persistent youth mental health crisis, the Council will increase funding to support youth struggling in this space.

“We all are still feeling the impact of the pandemic – and seeing it reflected in our children and youth,” says Lisa Williams-Taylor, CSC’s CEO. “As a child-focused organization, we are thankful to have the support of our community and the funding available to address these serious concerns, and support children and their families in so many powerful ways.”

Under the new millage rate, a Palm Beach County owner of a single-family home with an assessed property value of $375,000 (with $50,000 in typical exemptions) will pay about $160 in ad valorem taxes to the Council in 2023-2024. 

Total ad valorem taxes to the Council will be $137,034,086. Nearly 93% of the Council’s overall budget will go to support children’s programs and services.

About Children’s Services Council of Palm Beach County

The Council is a local, special-purpose government created by Palm Beach County voters in 1986 and reauthorized in 2014. For more than 30 years, it has provided leadership, funding, services and research on behalf of the county’s children so they grow up healthy, safe and strong.

If you have questions related to Children's Services Council of Palm Beach County and/or media inquiries, please contact Shana Cooper, Public Information Officer.