Lisa's Story

At Children’s Services Council of Palm Beach County, our staff is our heart. In this brief video, Dr. Lisa Williams-Taylor, Children’s Services Council CEO, shares the reason behind the ‘At the Heart of CSC’ campaign, which reveals the  deep connection CSC staff have to the organization’s mission: that all Palm Beach County children grow up healthy, safe and strong.

Mirva's Story

Hear from Mirva, director of program at Children’s Services Council. Mirva supports a team of program officers who oversee CSC-funded maternal health and child development services. She is the mother of two school-age girls, who love spending time together as a family.

Isandra's Story

Hear from Isandra, program exploration and implementation lead at Children’s Services Council. Isandra works closely with other CSC staff to launch new programs and services that benefit Palm Beach County children and families. Isandra, a mother of two school-age girls, shares the emotional story of her second daughter’s premature birth.

Alex's Story

Hear from Alex, records management support who ensures Children’s Services Council stores and handles public records as required by state law. Alex is a father of a toddler, with another child on the way.

Debbie's Story

Hear from Debbie, a program specialist in Children’s Services Council’s professional development department. Debbie helps build providers’ capacity in areas of early childhood education and mental health. She is a mother of two school-age children and a mental-health advocate.

Elizabeth's Story

Hear from Elizabeth, a program officer with Children’s Services Council, who ensures that the maternal and child-focused programs she oversees provide quality services to Palm Beach County families. Elizabeth is the mother of an energetic preschooler.

Jon's Story

Hear from Jon, a senior communications specialist, who helps spread the word about CSC’s role in the community and the more than 50 prevention-focused programs CSC funds in Palm Beach County. Jon is the father of two boys and often spends his weekends with them on the soccer field.

Marsha's Story

Hear from Marsha, a community planning and partnership lead with Children’s Services Council. Marsha connects CSC’s work with that of community partners to ensure all Palm Beach County youth have a bright future. She is the mother of a 16-year-old, who just started driving.