Healthy, Safe & Strong Fund


Children’s Services Council Palm Beach County (CSC) sets aside funds each year to help sponsor public awareness events, conferences and community outreach activities for children and families in Palm Beach County. The public awareness events, conferences and activities are important to Children’s Services Council in achieving its goals:

All children:

  • Are born healthy
  • Are safe from abuse and neglect
  • Are ready for kindergarten
  • Have access to quality afterschool and summer programs

These funds are intended to support organizations’ public awareness and outreach activities that do not fit within the typical funding parameters of CSC, and support the Council’s goals. Preference is given to activities and events that provide opportunities for CSC to receive sponsorship visibility. CSC expects the applicant to have expertise/knowledge in planning and executing the event, activities or community outreach deliverables and initiatives. Annual and recurring events that received Healthy Safe and Strong funds in previous fiscal years do not automatically receive sponsorship approval or a guarantee of funding approval for the next fiscal year. All funds are released as reimbursement after the approved event takes place and applicable receipts are submitted; no funds are released in advance.

The HSS Fund is not used to support an organization’s fund-raising events or fund-raising campaigns. The fund is not intended to be used to pay for staff to attend conferences or for use by individual agencies to provide training for their own staff. The fund is not intended to cover all of the costs of an event, and the application should include information about other event revenue sources. The fund is not to be used for food and drink, decorations, prizes, raffles, entertainment, or promotional / branded items used as giveaways or gifts for attendees. The maximum to be awarded for a single event is $2,500. No organization may be awarded more than $2,500 through the HSS Fund during CSC’s fiscal year (October 1 – September 30). Organizations with annual revenues of more than $1 million as indicated on most recently filed IRS Tax Form 990 are not eligible for the Heathy Safe and Strong Fund. For-profit organizations are not eligible for consideration.


Public awareness events, conferences and community outreach activities may include campaigns with a series of events, multi-media initiatives, training for professionals who serve children or families in Palm Beach County, or free or low-cost events open to all families. Example areas of focus for this fund include child safety, child development, parenting information, health, literacy, cultural events and school readiness activities. The public awareness events/activities must plan to reach a minimum of 100 attendees or participants (professionals, or children and families) and include an itemized budget and a distribution plan for information about the event. While anticipated attendance at an event is a factor in the funding decision, funding is not premised on actual attendance. Children’s Services Council will not request return of funds based on less-than-anticipated attendance. However, actual attendance, or any post-event follow-up to attendees, must be included in the “Event Summary” section of Appendix B, Request for Reimbursement. 

Eligibility Criteria

While applications from individual agencies are welcome, collaboration among agencies is encouraged. The following types of organizations may apply for these special funds:

  • Not-for-profit organizations
  • Accredited and/or licensed educational organizations
  • Governmental organizations
  • Professional organizations/coalitions (if the organization or coalition is not a legal entity, CSC will require a primary agency for contracting purposes)
  • Fraternities and sororities
  • Cultural and arts organizations

Pursuant to section 125.901 of the Florida Statutes, the Palm Beach County School District is not eligible to apply for CSC funds. Organizations with annual revenue of more than $1 million as indicated on most recently filed IRS Tax Form 990 are not eligible for the Heathy Safe and Strong Fund.

Application Procedure

Applications are accepted throughout the year and must meet the criteria described herein. If the annual budget for the Healthy Safe and Strong Fund is exhausted before the end of the CSC fiscal year, no additional applications will be considered until the start of the next fiscal year. CSC’s fiscal year is October 1 to September 30. 

Applications and all necessary attachments must be completed in full, signed and received by CSC at least 60 days prior to event date.  For example, the completed application for an event scheduled September 15 must be received by July 15 to be considered. For more information about the Healthy, Safe & Strong Fund, please contact CSC's Communications Director. Potential applicants are encouraged to consult with CSC’s Communications Director before submitting the full proposal.

Application Process

  1. The applicant submits the completed application, including necessary attachments, to CSC’s Communications Director at least 60 days prior to event date.
  2. The application is reviewed by CSC’s Communications Director to determine whether it meets the basic requirements. A Notice of Receipt is sent to the applicant confirming receipt of the application and noting the application’s status as complete or incomplete. Applications that are incomplete or do not meet eligibility criteria will be returned to the applicant with a list of missing documentation, which must be completed and resubmitted for further consideration within 10 business days of the request in order to be considered for funding. Failure to submit the requested documentation within the 10-day deadline will result in denial of the application.
  3. After receiving the completed application, CSC may request additional information or clarification within the 60-day window before the funding decision is made.
  4. Once fully completed, the application is submitted to the CSC HSS Fund Review Committee. To ensure a broad and balanced review, the Review Committee will include the Communications Director, a CSC staff member from the Finance Division, a CSC staff member from the Program Division, and a CSC staff member of the CEO’s Core Team. The applicant will be notified if there are additional questions regarding the application.
  5. Recommendations regarding funding are presented to the Chief Communications Officer for approval and notification of the CEO Team. The applicant is then notified of funding decisions. CSC reserves the right to deny any request for funds.
  6. If the application is approved, the applicant receives an Agreement for Healthy, Safe and Strong Funds, which outlines the amount and terms of use of the funds for the event. It also specifies the applicant’s responsibility for contracting with trainers, facilities and all other issues. CSC is not liable for contracts, contract payments or other financial issues related to the event.
  7. Applicant must ensure that all necessary insurance requirements are met prior to the event. CSC is not responsible for any liability issues related to the event.
  8. Within 10 business days following the event, applicants must submit a completed Request for Reimbursement of Healthy, Safe and Strong Funds Exhibit B (which will be attached to the Agreement) and provide all receipts for expenditures. This form must also include information reporting attendance, samples showing use of CSC name and logo as a funder of the activity, any post-event planned follow-up with attendants, and any evaluation summaries from event participants, if applicable.


In order to be approved, applicants must demonstrate that the proposed event, conference or activity will take place in Palm Beach County and aligns with CSC’s goals. Applicants must include CSC’s logo and/or name as a funder and include samples of such use when submitting the post-event summary. This may include news releases mentioning CSC, as well as event materials or promotions with CSC’s logo, social media posts, Facebook shares, etc. In addition, the event/activity must plan to reach a minimum of 100 attendees or participants (meaning children and families). While anticipated attendance at an event is a factor in the funding decision, CSC will not request return of dollars based on less-than-anticipated attendance at events. Actual attendance at the event, or through post-event follow-up, must be included in the “Event Summary” section of Exhibit B, Request for Reimbursement. 

If the event is cancelled for any reason, CSC will not provide any reimbursement, regardless of whether funds have been expended in advance of the event.

CSC Logo Guidelines

To ensure consistent brand messaging, CSC requires that the applicant use CSC’s logo in print  and / or online materials, signage, and all relevant event messaging. This can include website logo placement, news releases and social media. Please visit: for logos and guidelines. Use of CSC’s “stacked” logo is preferred; use the horizontal logo only in instances where there is minimal vertical space and the primary stacked logo will not fit. If you have further questions, please call 561-740-7000 to speak with the Director of Communications, or email CSC's Director of Communications by clicking here.