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Sara's Early Learning Coalition story

Learn how the Early Learning Coalition of Palm Beach County was there for local child care centers during the pandemic. Hear from Sara Giannetti, director of Central Baptist Preschool in West Palm Beach.

Miriam's Early Learning Coalition story

The Early Learning Coalition of Palm Beach County, and its child care scholarships for essential workers, has changed people's lives. Hear how ELC helped Miriam and her granddaughter.

Celebrating families standing on their own

Healthy Families Florida found a new way to hold a graduation ceremony for families who have completed the program.

Nurses making special deliveries

Nearly 400 pregnant women or families with babies opened their front doors this summer to a surprise courtesy of the nurses from the Florida Department of Health in Palm Beach County.

Safe Kids Palm Beach County never stopped helping local families

The new director of Safe Kids Palm Beach County did so much more than just set up her laptop on a dining room table when COVID-19 forced her to work from home.  

Prime Time Palm Beach County goes virtual

With summer camps closed, Prime Time Palm Beach County put together a schedule of online activities that kept children learning and having fun all summer. Prime Time also offered training and stipends for summer camp staffers who were out of work.

A thank you note to BRIDGES at Pahokee

A family in need received a surprise gift card from BRIDGES at Pahokee.

The challenges of being pregnant now

For the last decade, Martha Espinosa has been a calming presence for local pregnant women in her role as a prenatal care coordinator at Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies of Palm Beach County. 

Palm Beach County Food Bank working at the front lines of local hunger relief

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the Palm Beach County Food Bank was distributing about 488,000 pounds of food per month. In June 2020 alone, the Food Bank distributed about 2 million pounds.

Bridging language barriers and virtual barriers to help pregnant women

Family support workers at the Healthy Beginnings Nurses program are doing their best to ensure pregnant women don't feel alone during the COVID-19 crisis.

Nurse is passionate about helping her pregnant clients

Despite the COVID-19 shutdown, Healthy Beginnings Nurse Monica Arango has remained a constant presence in her pregnant clients' lives. 

Lois's Food4OurKids program helping more children than ever

When the COVID-19 shutdown happened, the Palm Beach County Food Bank's weekend feeding program for children dramatically expanded to ensure local families had enough to eat.

Community Greening - Youth Tree Team

An innovative program connecting teens to nature is making Palm Beach County greener.

This Early Care Network Shows Improved School Readiness Scores

The Strong Minds Network, launched by Children’s Services Council in 2015, uses research and data to increase the quality of early care and education. 

Teen Student-Athletes Engage to Make Grants that Build Community

This model for neighborhood growth engaged high school student-athletes as key decision makers in local investments.

This Partnership Helps Families Build Baby’s Brain in Early Years

TMW Center conducted a nationwide request for proposals in 2018 to create a population-level effort to show parents how to boost their baby's brain development.  

How We Support Mental Health Services in Our Elementary Schools

CSC funded co-located mental health providers in the ten highest-need elementary schools in Palm Beach County.

Booksgiving! A Celebration of Literacy

What is Booksgiving, you ask? A creative way to put extra books in the hands of students by way of their teachers.